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About Christmas

From young kids to nave adults, all send mushy letters to our dear Santa. But do you really know what Christmas is all about? Christmas is more than exchanging gifts, decorating trees, eating sumptuous meals, and wishing big. Even though all this is also a vital part of the festivities involved with the Christmas holidays, Christmas sends across a bigger message.

Family bonding, thanking for all we have got, and giving back in return what better time than Christmas to do all this? But hey! This shouldn't stop your fun; do this with what you love best. Through your family dinners and gifts exchange, you can stay true to this message of Christmas.

Dive into the smell of ginger cookies, the ambiance of well-lit houses and streets, and the festivities all around. Celebrate Christmas will all the energy you have to welcome the New Year with a new attitude.

History of Christmas

The history of Christmas is filled with mysteries. Things have been said and written to explain how Christmas actually evolved all over the world. It is, however, hard to pin-down what exactly is the history of this widely-celebrated time of the year.

If you are not aware about the Christmas history at all, you'll be surprised to know that Christmas has been with us for over 4000 years. Many of the popular Christmas traditions were celebrated even before the birth of the Christ.

Wondering, then where exactly Christmas comes from?

It has been said that many of the popular traditions of Christmas actually began with the Mesopotamians celebrations of New Years. Also, from ancient Greeks to early Europeans, from Persians to Bolivians, all had some celebrations with similar traditions during this time of the year. The Roman's celebrated their god Saturn in festival called Saturnalia which began in the middle of December and ended January 1. This festival was a joyous time for the Romans, but the Christians though it an abomination to honor the pagan god. The early Christians kept the birthday of their Christ a serious holiday, unlike the merriment involved with the Roman holiday. As Christianity spread, they were alarmed by the continuing celebration of pagan customs and Saturnalia among their converts. The Church, which initially forbade such celebrations, eventually succeeded in taking the high spirits, lights, and gifts from the Saturanilia festival and brought them to the celebration of Christmas.

Letters to Santa

Have you finished writing your letter to Santa? Did you make sure to write North Pole on the envelope? Be there first, mail your letter to Santa's house and get in time to get all your presents.

Millions of children have been writing letters to Santa for many years now. And it's not only little kids who take up this task every year to get something they desire. From wishing for a bike to wishing for a new mommy, kids write it all to their adored Santa. And, with all their heart, they believe Santa Claus will come riding on his sleigh at the night of Christmas Eve to distribute gifts to them.

All over the globe people masquerade themselves as Santa; show their big pot belly, snow-white beard, baggy red dress, and a red sack full of surprises.

Things People Love to do on Christmas

Throwing parties and family dinners, decorating Christmas trees, attending the Midnight Mass everyone loves to do all this during the Christmas holidays. But there's a lot more you can do to add to your Christmas celebrations.

You can bake some Christmas cookies, send them across your friends and neighbors, and get all the appreciation. Watching the Disney Christmas Parade with little kids in your house might be another fun option for you. While you might like to get involved with snowball fights and play board games, think of volunteering for a good cause during Christmas. Christmas can be a lot more fun if you plan to do something during the holidays that you won't be able to take up any other time of the year.

Add some more fun to your celebrations, take some hints from us, and get ready to have a blast this holiday season.

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