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United States Christmas History

Christmas is essentially a Christian holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Apart from being a religious festival, it is a widely observed secular festival as well.. United States Christmas History is different from the Christmas history of any other country.

According to history the festival of Christmas recently originated in the United States of America. Towards the beginning of the 19th century the Sunday schools of America celebrated the festival of Christmas. Therefore the United States Christmas History owes its origin to these Sunday schools. Alabama (a part of the United States) was the first state that granted legal recognition to the Christmas Festival in the year 1836. 34 years later, it was the state of Washington DC that followed in the footsteps of Alabama and gave the festival of Christmas a legal recognition. In the year 1893, the other stales also granted legal recognition to this festival.

The Dutch plays a significant role in the United States Christmas history. The Dutch knew St. Nicholas as Sintaclass, so when the Dutch people immigrated to the United States in the 17th century they took along with them the custom of St. Nicholas. In 1809,Washington Irving introduced St. Nicholas in his novel as a person who smoked pipe and traveled in a wagon. The birth of Santa Claus in his modern incarnation took place in the year 1863. It can be deducted from the above facts that the Santa Claus with his white beard, red attire, a big belly and having a sleigh to travel around originated in the United States.

In the present day, all the citizens of the United States celebrate Christmas with great pomp and vigor. Enjoy the United States Christmas History with Christmas Carnivals
Christmas History :

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