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Christmas History Tinsel

Christmas is never complete without the Christmas tree. Many types of decorative articles are available for the decoration of the Christmas tree. From Christmas History Tinsel, we find that silver tinsels were part of the decorative articles used in a Christmas tree. Christmas tree originated in Germany, in the upper Rhine region. Tinsels were also first used in Germany.

Basically tinsels are very thin sheets or strips or threads of a glittering material (it can be of metal too, like, silver). From the Christmas history tinsel, we find, it made its first appearance in Germany in and around 1610. The early tinsels were made of real silver. For this purpose machines were invented. The silver was pulled out into very thins strips for the tinsels. The Christmas tree was lighted with the tinsels both on the Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. Though silver is a durable metal, it got tarnished quickly with candlelight. The blackened tinsels were not really a pretty sight and efforts were soon on to find a substitute. Experiments were made with a mixture of lead and tin. The resultant mixture was awfully heavy and tended to break down under its own weight. Therefore it was not reasonable to use it in the decorations. Christmas history tinsel tells us that the silver tinsels continued to be used as recently as mid-twentieth century. Plastic decorations are now in vogue, in place of many costly metals.

Christmas trees made an appearance in England when Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's German consort introduced them in the country. By and by, the Christmas tree became an integral part of the festivities and tinsels became popular as well. Decorate your Christmas tree with tinsels from Christmas Carnivals.
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