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Christmas History in United States

Christmas History in United States is an exciting journey of the changing Christmas Celebrations from one age to the other. Christmas History in United States began from the 1800s.

Christmas was celebrated by the Protestant Christians of Moravia (Czech Republic) in their settlements. During 1830 The Christmas Festival in USA gained popularity whereas in the southern parts it was still unobserved.
Decorative Christmas trees came forth in the 1840s. They were embellished with fruits, nuts, tiny wafers, paper cuttings and small candles. The famous Moravian star ushered in the 1850s. During this time the violent Civil War ended and the Catholic as well as the Protestants celebrated Christmas.1860 saw the appearance of Santa Claus with his traditional white beard, red suit and gifts for children. Christmas was declared a federal holiday by an act of National Congress in 1870.

Electric lights came to be known in 1882. President Grover Cleveland illuminated the White House Christmas trees in 1895 with electric lights. With the advent of 20th C Christmas carols and other entertainment programs became popular. In 1924, the first national living Christmas tree was planted in Washington D. C.

In 1940 World WarII took place resulting in great tribulations. Expensive decorative items like glass ornaments were replaced by the cheap like plastic and paper.

The 1960s and the later times featured a remarkable change in the Christmas Celebration in United States. Lavish decorations were set up during this time. Mono colored electric lights replaced the candles completely. In 1973 the American Hallmark Company first launched the revolutionary Keepsake Christmas Ornaments. These were cherished collectibles made from wood, glass balls, acrylic, bone china and porcelain.

Now Christmas is celebrated in variegated customs due to the presence of various nationalities in different parts of United States. For further information on History of Christmas in the United States just log on to Christmas Carnivals
Christmas History :

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Christmas History
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