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History of Christmas Caroling

Christmas Carols unite the whole world during the festival of Christmas. All the festivals that are celebrated worldwide have a music of their own. Similarly Christmas has its own music, which is unique in itself. The History of Christmas Caroling goes back to the early days of Christianity. Christmas songs which were sung or composed at the beginning of Christianity are considered to be Hymns or Chants.

The original carols actually refers to a type of circle dance which was devoid of any song. At that time people were forbidden from singing carols inside the Church but could sing them outside the Church. The Nativity Carols, which were actually folk songs written by the people living in the countryside became quite popular.

Saint Francis Assisi plays a major role in the history of Christmas Caroling, as he is the person who made Christmas Carols an important part of the church services. It is said that Saint Francis Assassi introdced the carols in the church during a Christmas Midnight Mass in a Church in Greccio, in the province of Umbria in 1223 and the songs sung that night were more similar to carols rather than hymns. Carols gained more popularity when they were made a part of the mystery plays of the middle ages.

Most of the carols tell us a story, it may be about the birth of Jesus Christ or about the tradition of gifts or any other story associated with Christmas. But the common factor among them is that either their themes are related to the festivity of Christmas or they have a religious side to it. Christmas carols provide the opportunity to express the feeling of joy and happiness. So the carols are primarily of a joyful nature. Christmas carnivals offer information on the history of Christmas caroling and more information on Christmas music and traditions.
Christmas History :

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