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The Real Santa Claus

Santa Claus as we know him today first emerged when the Dutch settlers came to Manhattan on Christmas day 1624. This man who affectionately stuffs kids' stockings with gifts in a variety of cultures the world over, is he for real? Christmas Carnivals is here with The Real Santa Claus.

"A wink of his eye, and a twist of his head,
soon led me to know I had nothing to dread."

Twas the Night before Christmas, Clement C. Moore

Who is this man we call Santa Claus? What do we know about him? Is Santa just a jolly, harmless, friendly fellow? Or is there something or someone else hiding behind ol' St. Nick? Where does Santa Claus fit in the life of a child? What about the impact of Santa Claus in the psyche of a child? Is there more to jolly old St. Nick than meets the eye? Is Santa a clever, seemingly harmless, subtle (see Genesis 3:1) attempt to question the truthfulness of God? Is Santa the handiwork of Satan? Santa Claus embellishes secular Christianity as well as a fair amount of materialism his gift- giving act generates. This perhaps goes to account for the fact as to why certain Christians prefer focusing on Jesus' birth during Christmas.

Santa cannot entirely shatter the image we've grown up with of this really sweet fella bringing us gifts. Know more with Christmas Carnivals The Real Santa Claus.

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Santa Claus
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