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Ms Claus

When Christmas arrives thoughts of gifts, ornaments, Christmas tree and Santa Claus revolve around our mind. Do we ever think of Ms. Claus? Ms. Claus plays an important role in making Santa bulky. Patti Manuells before getting married to Santa lived with her family in Sydney.

Since her school days she nourished a hobby of baking. She baked cookies, cakes, pastries and scones. After completing her school she got a job in The Sweet Tooth.

One day on her way towards her work place she met Pat Claus. In their first meeting both of them decided to go for a dinner. It was their first date and both were pretty excited. On their way Patti came to know an amazing truth about Pat. His father was Easter Bunny and mom the Tooth Fairy. How suspicious his family history may be but still they got married after few years of courtship. After their honeymoon in the South Pole they planned to settle down. Pat bought a
plot of land at the North Pole to surprise Patti.

Although Pat built her a nice castle at the North Pole but still she was not happy. A time came when Pat gave up his practice of cheering his wife. The news of Santa's toyshop spread throughout the world. Hundreds of elves came to join but only three hundred of them were selected. On the night before Christmas they organized a party to celebrate all their hard works and it was there when Ms. Claus gave up her gloomy mood. Santa was very happy to see his wife cheered. From then onwards Ms. Claus sings song while cooking goodies for her husband on Christmas and surprises Santa with her unique gifts.

Hope you loved the above story of Ms. Claus. To collect more information on Ms. Claus pay a visit to our site Christmas Carnivals

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Santa Claus
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