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Coca Cola Santa Claus

When we think of Santa Claus an old man in red and white attire appears before us. He is entrusted with the duty of filling the stockings of children with wonderful gifts. The tradition is a bit different in America Santa Claus reminds of the one created by Muskegon native Haddon H. Sundblom.

For the Christmas advertisements of the Coca Cola Company he used to paint new illustrations almost every year from 1931-1964. Sundblom's image of Coca Cola Santa Claus was displayed on billboards and at the back covers of magazines.

Haddon Hubbard Sundblom was born in Muskegon, Michigan, on June 22, 1899. He was the youngest of the nine children's of his parents. As an artist he has also painted ads for Ford, Lincoln, Pierce-Arrow and Marmon.
The style of Coco Cola Santa Claus advertising started by him was continued for over thirty long years. Santa Claus since early nineteenth story has been portrayed as a gnome dressed in green, blue, white or red color. Sundblom while creating Santa Claus for Coca Cola kept in mind Clement Moore's poem "Twas the night before Christmas". According to Moore Santa had a broad face and a round little belly. He was said to be chubby and plump with a jolly disposition.

Like Moore Sundblom kept his Santa plump and grandfatherly with twinkling eyes and a hearty laugh. Santa's red-and-white attire matched with the same colors of the Coca-Cola logo. Sundblom's Coco Cola Santa Claus wore a wide, tan leather belt with a brass buckle and tan boots with a folded leather cuff rather than fur trim. A contrasting feature in his santa's look was his black eye brows and his snow white beard. To collect more information on Coca Cola Santa Claus visit our site Christmas Carnivals.

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Santa Claus
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