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I am Santa Claus

Bob Rivers, the twice-voted "Major Market Rock Personality of the Year" by Radio and Records, (which happned to be a weekly U.S radio and music industry magazine) is one of the most popular rock asnd roll radio DJs in west coast of United States, Canada and Great Plains.He is also known for being a record producer of Parody Songs.He is the one who sang the song, I am Santa Claus whose lyrics goes like this.

I am Santa Claus

Ho ho ho ho ho

Flying Through the snow
Can you hear him ho ho ho
He's so full of cheer
only has to work one day a year

Children in their beds
Visions of sugar plums fill their heads
So many kids out there
Santa must be a billionare

Red suit, boots of black
Big sack of toys hanging off his back
How much does he weigh
How do the reindeer pull his sleigh

Nobody sees him
as he travels the world

Leaving his presents
for the good boys and girls

Ho ho ho ho ho

Sees every move you make
Better be good for goodness sake
Leave him cookies and beer
He'll be back to your house first next year

I am Santa Claus

Ho ho ho ho ho

Though many of the tracks recorded by him are misattributed to "Weird Al" Yankovic they being same sounding vocals, he was voted as the"Billboard's Radio Personality of the Week" by the Biollboard Magazine. His paroduy of the Aerosmith hit number "Janie's got a gun" which he named as "Cheney's Got a Gun" featured in the Amiright music parody website in February 2006.

Bob River got so famous that"The Bob River Show" is still heard in Seattle,Washington and in Portland,Oregon respectively in two of the radio channels namely Classic Rock Radio Station KZOK-FM(102.5) and in the 1980's Rock Hits Radio Station KVMX "Mix 107.5".This is an interesting show which has, as its cast, producer Mike Jones, director Arik Korman,Spike O'Neill, Kaci Aitchison and last but not the least "Downtown" Joe Bryant.Between 1989 and 2000, till the month of August this show was aired on Seattle, Active Rock radio station KISW FM (99.9) under the name"Bob Rivers Twisted Radio".His "Twisted Christmas" which had parody of the song Twelve Days of Christmas was released as the"Twelve Pains of Christmas" and was certified as a gold record by the RIAA.

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