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Friends of Santa Claus

Santa Claus as we know him today first emerged when the Dutch settlers came to Manhattan on Christmas day 1624 to fill the children's stockings. However, things are not the same for every kid out there. Some have to live through the pain that life offers. Christmas Carnivals Friends of Santa Claus is here for the children of a lesser God as it were.

The Friends of Santa Claus organization was established in 1993 in Hendersonville, North Carolina by Ted and Barbara Van Thullenar. It is aimed towards serving families throughout the state of North Carolina and northern South Carolina. When a child is diagnosed with cancer it has an enormous impact on the whole family financially, psychologically as well as socially. As one mother said, Nothing in the life of my family is normal anymore

Friends of Santa Claus shows these courageous families that they are cared for, that people want to extend hope, and provide them with special moments of joy and bring a smile to their lips. This is done by a summer camp called Camp Merry Times, a Charleston Get-Away Weekend for the whole family, 2 fun days, a Christmas Carnival Day,
and a Teen Team Building Weekend. Balloon bouquets, stuffed animals are parceled in addition to hugs and kisses to the kids during their hospital days. The traumatic changes that children experience such as hair loss, facial swelling, or a loss of a limb make them "different" from their normal friends.

At Friends of Santa Claus functions, the children and their siblings are treated to unconditional love and laughter! We all want them to breathe the wonder that is childhood. Share the spirit that Christmas connotes with Christmas Carnivals Friends of Santa Claus. Perhaps you can light up entire lives just by being a patient listener.

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