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Santa Claus Dollar

Santa's here with loads of gifts and goodies. But have you ever wondered, why Santa always ends up giving you gifts, that are either to your liking or suits your parent's tastes well. Point to be noted.

If you are a parent and haven't yet decided on what gift you would gift your little son or daughter for this Christmas, we have a suggestion for you. Set aside the usual gifts that you present your son with, every Christmas. Santa Claus Dollar would be one such gift, which you would be able to give to kids of all age groups. Not just kids, even playful Adults can indulge themselves in such niceties.

Many lead stores in the United States have come out with a grand plan on this subject. A currency note with the picture of Santa is being made which is in reality a real note that can be spent and is legal and can be kept in one's bank account. The most interesting thing about this is that, the picture of Santa can be peeled and George Washington's picture appears. This explains why in spite of being a toy currency note it worth and utility in the real sense of the term.

This can be used as an excellent Christmas shower. This could conveniently be paired up with any of the gifts you are intending to give, be it a keepsake, a book, a card or a stocking. So be ready to see that smile on your sons' face when you hand over the Santa Claus Dollar to him, cause it serves a dual purpose, he gets to retain it and use up the money for another gift of his choice.

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Last Updated :- 15 December, 2011

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Santa Claus
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