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Origin of Santa Claus

The origin of Santa Claus highlights the mysteries behind the jolliest person on earth. He is regarded as an amalgamation of worldwide traditions. He bears a close relation with children and distributes gifts to them on the Eve of Christmas.

He is known by several names in different parts of the world but the sentiments and love bore by him is the same everywhere. Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santy, or simply Santa are the different identities of the jolly, kind ,white- beared person.

He is popularly known as Santa Claus in America and his each name is a variation of Saint
Nicholas. Long ago in Turkey there lived a bishop called Saint Nicholas. He was very wealthy and generous. He had a soft corner for children and loved to make them happy. He distributed gifts among poor children. After his death he was canonized as a saint. He was the patron of children and seafarers. In Netherland's he was called Sinter Nikolass which was later on, shortened to Sinter Klaas. When the Dutch people started to immigrate to the United States the name changed to what we call today Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas followed the tradition of leaving gifts in the shoes of good children and not under the Christmas tree as he does today. Whatever the history may be we remember Santa Claus as a fat jolly man with a white beard. He is regarded as the world's most jolliest person.

Origin of Santa Claus brings into light the mysteries of Santa Claus. To collect more information on origin of Santa Claus visit our site Christmas Carnivals

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Santa Claus
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