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Jesus VS Santa

Try convincing a little kid that Santa is a hoax, a fake, and a mere figment of our imagination. He will surely get at you. Fundamentalists have spent ages discussing about this topic and none of the parties have been able to arrive at a convincing conclusion.

Assuming Santa Claus as a counterfeit to Jesus, our Savior might seem weird to many.

Very few of us have lent this a careful thought. Some are of the opinion that, Santa Claus was deliberately posed as a counterfeit to Jesus to malign him and lessen his influence or may be to erase his memories from the minds of posterity.

It is a well-devised plan, a conspiracy to relegate Jesus to the background. It is often presumed that, too many traits of Jesus matches with that of Santa. This can in no way be an accident. Some have gone to the extent of allying Santa with Satan cause Jesusí end time prophecies went like this: - the hearts of the people would have become extremely cold to Him. "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold." (Matthew 24:12)

It has been alleged by many that, Santa symbolizes material pleasures. Children are told by their parents to remain good all year round in lieu of the material benefits, which they would be entitled to at the year-end. The eternal Savior nowhere features in the hot favorite list. Are we obsessed with Santa merely for the gifts he delivers at the year-end? Every thing said and done, it would probably be a gross mistake on our parts to compare a fable or a legend with Jesus, our God. They have their respective domains to rule over. Many of us forget the simple facts that, true! We look forward to Christmas cause Santa would be there, but we would not have had a Christmas without Jesus either.

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Last Updated :- 15 December, 2011

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