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Vintage Santa Claus

Xanta Claus is Santa's evil twin brother and he lives at the South Pole. He likes to spend the month of December ruining X-mas for as many people as he possibly can. And that's a tall order considering that he has to keep up with his brother. Check out Christmas Carnivals Xanta Claus.

Status: Swinger

Here for: Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends

Orientation: Straight

Hometown: The South Pole

Body type: 6' 3"

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Smoke / Drink: Yes / Yes

Occupation: Ruining your Christmas


  1. Booze
  2. Play the Celtic Frost
  3. Watch Silent Night, Deadly Night
  4. Emulate Sccrooge, The Grinch, Charles Mansion.
He's also a pro wrestler. Maybe you remember him from WWF television shows back in 1993. Here's what his good friend, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, had to say about me: "And he is from the South pole, not the North pole like that jolly fellow that goes around giving away gifts to all the boys around the world. You see, unlike Santa Claus, Xanta Claus is much like the Million Dollar Man - he takes everything he can get his hands on." Yeh. That's right, Ted, but you forgot to mention the lovely surprises that he leaves in his wake. Also, I like to reward all the naughty kids in the world.

Tune in to Christmas Carnivals Xanta Claus for more.

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Santa Claus
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