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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Poems » Merry Christmas from Heaven Poem

Merry Christmas from Heaven Poem

Tune in this winter with Christmas Carnivals Merry Christmas from Heaven Poem. The touching lyrics and the feelings they evoke, are unmatched anywhere else in the realm of Christmas poetry.John Mooney wrote "Merry Christmas from Heaven" in 1989, after the death of his mother in August.

His only intention was to present it to his family that year at Christmas .

He knew it was going to be a very difficult holiday without her. The words, and the comfort he and his family needed, came to him after a prayer one night. As he wrote, he thought of the words his mother might say to each one of them. At the insistence of friends, John has made this comforting and meaningful poem available to others. The original "Merry Christmas from Heaven" is available now as an engravable Christmas ornament as well as framed, in card form, prayer card form and on CD. All "Merry Christmas from Heaven" gifts are both thoughtful and loving, "Bringing Love to Life" for anyone who has lost a loved one.

Mooney is reminiscing on the loss of his dear mother, since he still hears the songs that she used to sing to him. The Christmas lights remind him of the decorations the family used to have, to adorn the hearth and dinner table. The nights are cold and bitterly chilly. The way his mother used to tenderly remind him about saying his prayers so that the family would remain in God's eternal grace and deliverance. Mooney idealizes his mother by mentioning the fact that she was a tall woman one who could be distinguished from the rest even in a crowd.

This poem is dedicated to those who have lost loved ones, which have gone to be with the Lord, who are spending their first Christmas in Heaven. We slip and fall, but before the eyes of God, we're all one. This poem avidly reinstates this very philosophy. Log on to Christmas Carnivals Merry Christmas from Heaven Poem.
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