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12 Days Of Christmas Poem

Poems touch our hearts and stir myriad feelings; and Christmas poems are no exception to this. It is the time to renew our faith in the lord and thank him, for all that he has bestowed upon us. Poets have been inspired by Christmas, since ages and they have penned down wonderful words, both rhyming and non-rhyming to put across their views. The amazing thing about poems is that the poems, can elicit the same feeling, even if they are read many years, after they were written.

Writing poems is not a tough thing to do, as many people might think it to be. It is all about putting down your thoughts, about Christmas and the various things associated with it, in a piece of paper. Writing the poem is not just giving vent to your thoughts, but it will help people feel the magic whenever, they look at it. As mentioned earlier, one does not have to be a poet to write a poem, anyone can do that.

At Christmas Carnivals, we have a collection of various types of poems. The poems speak about the different things associated with the celebration, of the birth of Christ. Some of the category of poems given here includes Greeting Poem, Haiku Poems, Memorial Poems, Christmas in Heaven Poems, Christmas from Heaven Poem, Christmas Hand Printed Poems, Christmas with Jesus Poem, Christmas Holiday Poems and Christmas Love Poems among a host of others.

Christmas Greeting Poem

Christmas Greeting
In the silent echoes of the night
The twinkling of stars guide our way|
Sparkling crystals spread before us
To remind all we have friends
Not only very near
But far away as well

It is within our hearts we find
That tiny thread of caring
At times we are selfish about sharing
So we just leave these feelings behind

Reach in and grasp that thread
Blow it into the blistering wind
Wait for it to be found
You will be surprised how far it goes around.

~ Helen C Downy

Christmas Poems for Kids

Baby's First Christmas
It's Baby's first Christmas, what a beautiful sight!
As he gurgles out loud in spontaneous delight
As he gazes at the Tree, with it's baubles and trim
I know only He can hear the Angels sweet hymns.
Holy! Holy! Holy!

As He edges ever nearer to the base of the Tree,
Picks up tiny toys and shakes them with glee
Mommy and Daddy have to laugh outright.
It's Baby's first Christmas- what a wonderful Night!
Holy! Holy! Holy!

~Mary Lewis

Christmas Holiday Poem

Cherish His Christmas
Christmas brings such a time of love
Each tender heart holds so much of

Unselfishness thrives, trust is strong
The purpose to give, send love along

A time of pleasantries, patience too
Good wishes to all, all feelings true

Thankfulness follows each fine deed
Gifts from our God, never from greed

Great the rewards that joy does bring
Like the beauty in hearing angels sing

We pray for our loved, each so dear
Especially those who can’t be near

Many leave home to bravely serve
All freedoms we have, they preserve

Do pray for our troops, as we should
And their families too, if you would

Give thanks to our Lord, His only Son
And cherish His Christmas, everyone.

~Roger J. Robicheau

Christmas Tree Poems

Christmas Tree!
A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
With dark green needled memories
Of childhood dreams and mysteries
Wrapped present-like in front of me

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
I glimpse a past wherein i see
The child that then grew into me
Not forward fast but haltingly.

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
A time for being with family
A time that's gone so fleetingly
Yet lives for always deep in me

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
When twelfth night comes whole hauntingly
One lingered look and then i see
No Christmas tree where it would be.

A Christmas tree! A Christmas tree!
With feelings now felt longingly
No corner in my house to see
The magic of that Christmas tree

~David Keig

Christmas Prayer Poems

A Christmas Prayer
As we draw to the end of another year
We think of the ones that we hold so dear;
We pause to give thanks for our friends so true,
And ask God to bless them, the old and new.
We hold up each loved one before His Throne
And ask Him to comfort the ones alone,
For those who have lost someone they hold dear,
We ask Him to strengthen and hold them near.

And those with new babies, or newly wed,
We ask Him to smooth out the path ahead;
For those who are ill and can barely stand,
We ask for the touch of His healing hand.
For those with new homes, with new jobs and new stress,
We ask Him to crown all their plans with success.
For those who have dreams and think, "It's now or never,"
We ask Him to bless all that they should endeavor.
For those who are facing an uphill climb
We ask Him to carry them through this time.

As we come to the start of a brand new year,
We pray for the ones that we hold so dear.
We ask that each one will be soundly blest,
To taste of His goodness and know His best;
For angels to watch o'er them day and night,
For miracles, blessings and sheer delight!
We ask for the gifts that the world can't buy:
A glimpse at the wonders of Heaven on high,
Contentment and joy till the Lord comes again,
This we ask for our friends, in His name, Amen.

~Connie Hinnen Cook

Christmas Thank You Poems

Just To Say Thank You
The things that you do mean a great deal to me
They bring me joy in the midst of a dreadful day.
Although I know I do not deserve an angel like you.
It delights me that you care for me in such a way.

Like when you do something to let me know I am special,
The things that you do make our love even more real
But the best thing is I know that you are there for me.
You always say something to change the way that I feel;

You have lovingly showered your kindness upon me.
You are there to bring needed brightness to my dreary day
You have become an important and inspiring part of my life.
Thank you are the words I am really trying my best to say.

~Reginald Levi Walker

Christmas Gift Poems

Christmas Gift The gifts I'd leave beneath your tree,
Aren't those that you can touch or see,
Not wrapped in Christmas tissue gay
But gifts to bless you every day
The gift of friendship warm and true,
Is one that I would leave for you
Good health and happiness and cheer
To keep you smiling through the year
The gift of peace that comes from God,
With prayer to guide each path you trod
And when your heart has lost its song
The gift of hope to cheer you on
These are the gifts I'd leave for you


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