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Christmas Carnivals » Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas
Would you like a break from sugar-sweet holiday movies? Are you craving something with a humorous edge? The Nightmare Before Christmas may be just the thing for you. The combination of stop motion animation and beautiful music alongside an irreverent tale of Halloween and Christmas coming together at the hands of Jack Skellington.

Bored with the same old routine of scaring people every year, Jack comes across a portal to Christmas Town and is entranced by it. Having grown to the role of Pumpkin King in his home Halloween Town, he decides his fellow residents will take over Christmas. Comedy is around every corner as the confused townspeople compare everything to Halloween and, eventually, send Jack off on Christmas Eve with a bag full of frightful presents (shrunken heads and Christmas tree-eating snakes, for example).

If youíre in need of a break from the standards like A Christmas Carol and Itís a Wonderful Life, then give The Nightmare Before Christmas a try. Seeing how bad Jack and his crew mess up the joyous holiday might just restore your spirit!

About Nightmare Before Christmas :

  • Released in 1993, the film is based on some drawings and a poem by co-producer Tim Burton.
  • Henry Selick, a highly-rated stop motion animator, directed the movie. Though Burton was involved in the movie, many are surprised to find he did not direct.
  • Danny Elfman composed the entire score and provided Jackís singing voice, as well as the speaking voice for two other characters.
  • The film was initially released under the Touchstone Pictures label because Walt Disney Studios, who owned the rights to the film, did not want parents to assume it was family-friendly and be caught off guard by the frightening content.
  • The movie surprised many by getting an Academy Award nomination for Visual Effects, losing out to Jurassic Park.

Nightmare Before Christmas :

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Nightmare Before Christmas
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