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Christmas Party Drinks

For all the beverages served during the season of festivals, here comes Christmas Carnivals with all that you need to know of Christmas Party Drinks for the old and young alike. Create your very own version of Mulled Cider with fresh cider, a large cinnamon stick, zested lemon, a sprinkle of clove powder, fresh nutmeg. Combine all ingredients in saucepan. Bring to simmer.

Strain and serve. Mulled, implying heated and spiced, is a technique used with wine and cider. Mulled Wine is a holiday classic that is quick to make, and perfect on a winter's night. Make it with a Swedish twist by adding aquavit or brandy.

You will need dry red wine, port or brandy, whole cloves, cinnamon sticks zested large orange. Garnish the drink with cinnamon sticks or freshly ground nutmeg. Combine ingredients in a large pot and bring to a bubble. Do not allow the blend to boil. Heat for 20 minutes and serve in a large, heat resistant punch bowl.
The word punch is believed to have been derived from the Hindi word paanch, meaning five, since early punches contained five key ingredients: sugar, lemon, arrack, water, and tea. For a sweet and celebratory drink, here's the Champagne Punch. The constituents are: crushed pineapple in heavy syrup, fresh lemon juice, cherry juice, dark rum, brandy and champagne.

In a large punch bowl or pitcher, stir pineapple, lemon juice, cherry juice, rum, and brandy to blend. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Add Champagne just before serving. Try all the kinds with Christmas Carnivals Christmas Party Drinks.

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