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Christmas Party Themes

Much of the associations of theme parties are derived from the colorful masquerade balls that first appeared during the Italian Renaissance.

"Masques" were essentially costumed dances where the participants dressed in fanciful, prolific outfits that were decked most often including the ostensible mask.

So with the years flowing by Christmas parties have assumed additional significance, what with the themes that have come to characterize the celebrations. Christmas Carnivals offers information on Christmas Party Themes.

For a Christmas in Scotland, don a Scottish skirt costume as you play the host. Remove the couches, coffee table, T.V. and all other furniture. Create a huge fireplace - like the one found in a Scottish castle against the far wall. Decorate the façade with a garland of artificial holly, red, green and gold plaid ribbon bows, ornaments shaped like hunting horns, drums, bagpipes and miniature stags, pheasants and cardinals. Imagine your friends arriving as the Scottish Earl of Clariegh and lady of the castle with an urn of Sebastini wine. Serve beef roast, leg of lamb, mashed potatoes, bread, and carrots and peas for dinner. Lead your guests to some country music from Scotland at the end of it all.

Many of the traditions of the masquerade reappeared in the Mardi gras celebrations of the French colonies - in the annual theme parties in America. Today, dressing in costume is a common aspect of the theme party. Typical costume parties might involve dressing up as a movie character, a historical personage, or as a character of a popular cultural genre, such as pirates, '30s gangsters or vampires. For all about Christmas parties and the themes relating to them, check out Christmas Carnivals Christmas Party Themes.

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