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Christmas Parties at Home

There are so many people who would rather stay home on a winter's sundown than frequent a "Christmas Party". No, they're not "humbugs". It's merely that chatting about nothing with someone they don't really know and probably won't see again is not how they'd like to spend their precious holiday.Find out all about home-birds at Christmas Carnivals Christmas Parties at Home.

If you're engaging several groups of friends, plan the party on a weekend. Invite friends from over work on Friday evening, neighborhood friends on Saturday evening, and church friends on Sunday afternoon. Once everything's planned, you'll be able to polish your silver, clean the house, choose your holiday wardrobe, shop your grocery, and prepare the food. You'll be able to use the same menu, same dishes, same decorations, and wear the same clothes for all the parties. Neighborhood Decorating Party implies all homes being decorated in a theme. One block has angels, one Santas, one candy canes. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, plan a neighborhood party around with decorations. Chart a simple brunch by asking everyone to contribute something to the feast, and spend the day "neighbor helping neighbor" getting the decorations put up.
Loving to look at beautiful Christmas lights, who really likes the job of putting up the holiday lights? Sketch a simple party with friends in concert to help each other with the task. Prepare a hearty pot of chili or soup, offer crusty rolls and warm cider. Then go from home to home to get the decorations out. Plan to go as a group to a holiday movie or new release. Assign someone to purchase all the tickets well before time. Each guest or couple should bring one part of the feast, like casserole, salad, or dessert. Enjoy what everyone has brought, and then be off to the show. For all the details of Christmas Parties at Home, log on to Christmas Carnivals.

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