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Office Christmas Parties

Why reserve all to- dos for the home? Indulge in the bash with Christmas Carnivals Office Christmas Parties to create an impression on your boss! An office Christmas Party is hardly likely to be a formal affair.
Name those Logos: Go through several magazines and cut out advertisement symbols. Paste each on the white side of a card and have everyone go around the room with an answer sheet and try to identify as many of the symbols as possible.

With the 'Who am I?' game, pick a category such as cartoon characters, movie stars, vegetables, etc. Pin the name of one of these items on the back of each guest as they arrive. Tell your colleagues that they need to find out who they are by asking other people for help. The rules are: ask yes or no questions only, answer yes or no, no removing your own name tag to discover. If you ask, anyone will help you find out your identity.

The Association Game requires the following to be put on a table: calendar, the letter "K", a match in a bottle of water, a Jar of candies, toothbrush, pitcher, Candle, Salt, Fork, Tacks, Buttercup, the letter "N", Stamp, dice on a dish of dirt, Iron. When the guests come, display the articles on a table. As they come, give them the following list. Match the statements on the list with the items on the table. This fun, fast moving game starts out as everyone collects in one big group. The leader initially calls out a number between 2 and15. Everyone must collect in a group that contains that number of people. The group members should be latching arms so that the leader can see who is in the group. If someone cannot enter a group because the number of required members has been reached, he is out of the game. As different numbers are successively called out the number of participants gets smaller and smaller. The last group, or winning group, should have anywhere from two to five people. Surf Christmas Carnivals for more on Office Christmas Parties.

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