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History of Christmas Carol

'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' says a famous Christmas Carol and indeed just hearing this cheerful song makes you feel happier. Christmas Carol History is a fascinating insight into different cultures in geographically distinct countries that are united by the same religion.

Singing Christian hymns, or other festive songs, around the time of the Christmas Festival is an essential part of the fun and festivity of Christmas .

There are many popular Christmas Carols and each song has its own specific Christmas Carol History. Some Christmas Carols date back to the Middle Ages, while the history of some Christmas Carols such as 'Good King Wenceslas' are more recent and were composed in the 19th Century.

Christmas Carols, also called Noel, help to bring people together in harmony on the occasion of the festival of Christmas. Christmas Carol History takes us back to Christmas Hymns, sung in church. Famous Western classical compositions for church choirs, such as Handel's Messiah are also traditionally performed around Christmas. However as times change popular songs such as 'Jingle Bells' or 'White Christmas' are also considered as Christmas Carols and are sung with great gusto around Christmas time.

In many European countries there is a tradition of groups of people going from door to door in the community and singing outside their houses. These groups of Christmas Carollers were rewarded for bringing joy into the hearts of the listeners by being invited into their houses for meals or a drink.

The name Christmas Carol is said to have originated because a young girl named Carol went missing in London, one cold winter night. As her friends went from door to door searching for her, in a manner similar to the Christmas Singers, the name Christmas Carol began to be used and is today an essential part of the Christmas Festival. Share the enjoyment of Christmas Carol History with Christmas Carnivals.

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