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Christmas Clothes

Christmas Clothes
When the holiday season nears, old traditions begin to reappear without fail. Every family is different, but every last one of them has a few customs – ornaments, meals, Christmas clothes – that make the festive period unique. Many times the underlying reason is forgotten by all but one or two, but everyone would know (and possibly be upset) if they were set aside. These simple gestures, sometimes as small as a certain candy being delivered by Santa, create happy memories for generations to come.

Are you looking to start an annual practice or hoping to add something to your repertoire? A lot of families have rituals set up around clothes – and nothing is off-limits. In many cases, those which are the most original have the longest staying power – just let your mind run wild and see what you come up with. Having trouble? Below are a few suggestions to get you thinking, just in case you are afraid your children won’t want to find underwear in their stocking:

Ugly Sweaters

Bright and overdone holiday patterns have long been woven into the Christmas season. For decades, they were a welcome sign St. Nick would be arriving soon, no matter how ridiculous in appearance. In recent years, family and friends have chosen to gather for “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties. Thanks in large part to the humor involved in Bridget Jones’ Diary, individuals come together to laugh about past fashion choices and enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes the festivities take on a competitive edge, awarding prizes for the most flamboyant.

Dressy Outfits

Most children find putting on nice clothes a drag. They’ll kick and scream, but the annual family photo before going to the Christmas Eve church service will serve as a cherished memory for all as the years pass. Mom and Dad might have to do some extra work to convince them it’s a good idea, but letting them choose the ensemble will help. Allowing your son to pick from two shirts and ties or having your daughter select one dress from three possibilities gives the child a sense of pride – they will have been “like a grown up.” As any parent can attest, every little bit counts – getting them to behave during the sermon is a whole other ordeal.

Special Pajamas

When it comes time for everyone to lay down so the Jolly Old Elf can stop by, many families take the time to pose for one more picture. December 24th is the only night of the year it’s easy to get children to go to bed, so why not send them in a one-off set of nightclothes to commemorate the occasion? Year after year, everyone from the parents on down can wear a different set of Santa-themed tops and bottoms. Whether emblazoned with a big picture of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer or covered by a straightforward “I Believe” stamp all over, they will serve as a great “before” and “after” for all the photos taken on Christmas Eve and in the morning.

Last Updated :- 9 December, 2011

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Christmas Clothes
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