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Christmas Tips

Christmas is one of the most inspiring celebrations of the year, a time of hope, joy and love for the whole family to share. The Christmas tips section gives you some great suggestions for making your Christmas extra special. The tips are a complete bundle starting from decorations to safety. It has all the necessary flavors to make your Christmas a beautiful memory that lingers all year long.

1. When decorating the holiday tree, distribute lights from top to bottom and add strands as necessary. Make sure to test the lights before putting them on the tree.

2. Simple decorating can provide dramatic results. For subtle outdoor effects, consider using colored floodlights directed toward the house or trees. Easy to install and requiring little maintenance, these lamps can provide a festive look year-round.

3. Store extension cords in a toilet or paper towel tube. Label its length for easy identification.

4. To store tiny lights tangle-free, cut a scrap of 1/4-inch plywood or heavy-duty cardboard into the shape of a capital "I." Wrap the lights around this and they'll be ready for action next year.

5. Candles are a traditional and beautiful part of the season. But they are still a direct source of fire in your home. Keep candles a safe distance from other things. And remember that a flickering flame is a thing of fascination to little children. Keep candles out of their reach.

  • Never use lighted candles on a tree or near other evergreens.
  • Always use non-flammable holders.
  • Keep candles away from other decorations and wrapping paper.
  • Place candles where they cannot be knocked down or blown over.

6. Avoid any decorations that tend to break easily or have sharp edges. Keep tree trimmings that are small or have removable parts out of the reach of your child. These pieces may be swallowed.

7. Hang cheap plastic Christmas ornaments by thin ribbon in a window you want decorated. Hang with tape and hang at different heights. By using Plastic ornaments they won't break if they hit the window.

8. Recycle your Christmas cards by using them as gift tags next year! Cut individual pictures out, or use the whole front picture. They are very beautiful against plain wrapping paper, and it's better than throwing those beautiful cards in the trash!

9. If you happen to run out of tags for your presents, you can use a piece of the wrapping paper folded in half with the white side inward. Cut the edges with decorative scissors and label on the inside the To: and From: parts. Tape to gift.

10. Bring a little extra romance into the holidays by leaving a single red rose in surprising places for your mate. You can even attach a small love to them.

11. Freeze your candles before inserting them into the candle holders, you'll eliminate wax drippings.

12. Tree ornaments that are missing hooks or caps can be put together in a glass bowl and used as a centerpiece.

13. Try to make a list before shopping, it will help you stay more focused once you get to the stores to shop.

14. Always turn off the lights on the tree before going to bed at night.

15. Perk up old frayed crocheted ornaments with a few pumps of hair spray.

16. Have a large gift to wrap? Rather than struggle with regular gift wrapping paper, use a paper tablecloth to wrap your large gift. You usually can find one with a holiday pattern.

17. Use decorative gift bags (or brightly colored shopping bags) filled with a few    sheets of  tissue and sparkling confetti;

18. On Display - Hang your Christmas cards in the shape of a tree on a wall or bulletin board.

19. Dress up existing throw pillows: Use scrap fabrics on hand or purchase a yard of holiday themed or holiday color fabric. Get the fabric that is on sale or get the remnants. Wrap your toss pillow. Secure with safety pins, then wrap a strip of wired ribbon around the pillow and make into a nice bow. You could also dress up small pillows with large bandannas in red, green & gold.

20. If you are looking to do a toyland theme for your Christmas decorating this year, try searching out teddy bears and dolls at your local thrift stores. Wash them in a pillowcase and put them in your dryer for at least 20 minutes, then dress them up with ribbons and holiday fabrics. Group them under your tree, on mantels, and on windowsills. Stack small squares of cardboard together and wrap as a tiny present, then tuck them under a teddy's arm, or wrap an empty box and use it as teddy's seat by the front door.

21. Pack several small gifts into a basket, ceramic bowl, or fabric stocking;

22. Place children's gifts in a lunch box, plastic pail, or cardboard mailing tube.

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