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Christmas Events in Beijing

If your idea of Beijing is centered on Maoist revolutionaries in fastened tunics in Tiananmen Square, prepare yourself for a changeover.

This city has embarked on a new millennium rollercoaster and it's taking China along. From being a capitalist symbol in the days of hegemony, Christmas in China has come a long way, thanks to the upcoming trend of liberalism.For information on Christmas Events in Beijing, here's Christmas Carnivals.

The strange thing is, twenty years ago few people in China did not know what Christmas was. Today it seems everyone has now embraced this happy Western institution. Signs of Christmas are everywhere - from store clerks to restaurant workers, all are wearing Santa hats, there are Nordic-looking Santa Claus images in all shop windows, hotel lobbies are filled with carolers, lights and trees are everywhere, windows have icons emblazoned upon them with temporary spray-paint, and everyone is wishing each other a Merry Christmas in English. In early December of each year, the Honorable U.S. Ambassador Clark Randt invites Club members to his residence for a fabulous evening featuring Christmas dinner, caroling, gift exchange and even Santa Claus! The annual Christmas party is an excellent opportunity to connect with the common folk in a festive, relaxed setting.

On the Avenue of Eternal Peace in Beijing, there are Christmas displays everywhere. Many people celebrate by decorating their houses with Christmas trees, cooking and eating special foods, and spending time with family and friends. The Chinese celebrate Christmas. But most do not celebrate it for the same reasons that Christians do. Find out all about Christmas Events in Beijing at Christmas Carnivals.

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