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Christmas Events In Africa

Like the other parts of the world Africa too waits with an eager heart for the advent of the season. The holy hymns of the carols fills the Christmas air and the smell of the roasting meat reminds you of Christmas somewhere in the corner.

Well an interesting feature in African Christmas celebration happens to be in Ethiopia and Egypt.

The Coptic Christians there celebrate Christmas on the 7th January as they follow a different calendar.Christmas events in Africa are a reflection of the rustic wild beauty that rests in this part of the world. Don't miss to have a glimpse of the African culture hidden within the marvelous Christmas events.

If you are planning to celebrate your Christmas vacation amid nature's bounty then South Africa with its impressive Christmas events calls upon you to step in.

Whether you have a fascination for Christmas shopping in popular Christmas markets or love to feel the sanctity of the season in the candle night carols that place has all for each and everyone. The rich history of Africa offers an impressive backdrop to the Christmas events in Africa. Christmas events also include in its list fairs, traditional Christmas lunch functions, craft events and musical concerts highlighting the music of the season. If you are a great movie watcher then get your tickets booked at Cairo International Film Festival. The Paris-Dakar rally staged during this season through the deserts of Sahara has become an extremely popular Christmas event during this time of the year.

In order to collect more information on Christmas events in Africa please log on to our site Christmas Carnivals.

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