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Christmas Events In Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil is famous for its scenic beauty that attracts tourists from all round the world. While the name Brazil itself takes you to the land of football where the dribbling and tackling of the world famous stars leaves you spellbound.

It would be a nice vacation to spend amid a class of people where football runs in their vein.Christmas is staged in Rio de Janeiro during the summer months so you may miss Santa in snow gear rather find him on a Jet Ski off the coast of Rio. Christmas events in Rio de Janeiro have its own flavor and uniqueness.

Lets start with the religious events that's integral in capturing the aesthetic beauty of the season. Don't miss to witness the religious event, which attracts a large number of people as onlookers to the significant aspect of the festival here. Hundreds of women dressed in traditional Bahian dress carries perfumed water to wash the steps of the church. People find it a great pleasure to watch the world's largest Christmas tree floating in Rio's lagoa- a small lake along the a narrow strip of land called Ipanema. This tradition has been practiced for the last ten years when people have gathered to witness this spectacular event. Mention must also be made of the festival of the Goddess of the seas. Once in a year people gather on the golden beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema and Loblon to worship the Goddess of the sea. Other than this Christmas markets, fairs, craft shows and musical concerts are there to enhance the spirit of the occasion.

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