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Christmas Events in Las Vegas

Despite the shows of gravity that this city holds, or manages to put up, there are enough distractions to coax you to ignore them all! That's the magic of the place of neon lights and spiraling lemons - Las Vegas.If you're weary of tugging on the slot machines, the adjoining area has some of the region's most attractive vistas.

Christmas Carnivals offers information on Christmas Events in Las Vegas.To celebrate at a beautiful holiday wonderland, locate the dale of Sunset Park which becomes a horizon of lights during this special season. The park glows with seven million spectacular and sparkling lights. It's meant to be an experience the entire family can enjoy from the convenience and comfort of the family car as you take a laid-back drive through this holiday event. Tune in to turn the radio dial to the Ho Ho station and listen to holiday music while you revel in the event! The Chocolate Wonderland at Ethel M Chocolates Factory and Cactus Garden features a spectacular display of lights, chocolate houses and sculptures, and demonstrations of Ethel M Chocolate creations. Santa Claus visits the place at stipulated hours.

You can enjoy a cost-free demonstration at the Fashion Show Mall. "Believe in the Magic" features a 35-foot Christmas tree, the Fashion Show dancers, cameo appearances by local celebrities including Clint Holmes, Rita Rudner, cast of Mamma Mia!, cast of Jubilee, Lance Burton, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas Fire and Rescue, and, of course, Santa Claus himself. Appearances by local weather personalities - John Fredericks of NBC, Sherry Swensk of CBS and Darren Peck of Channel 5 Fox all help make a miracle happen - snow in Southern Nevada for Christmas.

The entire Hanukkah extravaganza and more is available on Christmas Carnivals Christmas Events in Las Vegas

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