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Christmas Events in Tokyo

Tokyo is a place where the rhythms of consumerism collide with the quieter moments that linger from older traditions. This is the place where the madness of an upbeat lifestyle is evened by the calm of Zen.

Christmas isn't a national holiday in Japan, but people celebrate Christmas by decorating trees and eating special food.

There are many fun events and beautiful Christmas illuminations to visit in the big cities. Browse Christmas Carnivals for information on Christmas Events in Tokyo.

The Tokyo Tower lights up in the colors of the season with the rest of the city gazing at this amazing centerpiece in exceptional reverence as well as regard. Christmas is mostly a commercial event in Japan. Many people are unaware of the origin of Christmas. The corporations are responsible for the focal decorating. They light their buildings and the trees. December is the bounenkai (forget-the-year-party) season in Japan. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony (the Daiku) is traditionally performed in many places at Christmas time in conjunction with the New Year. Also, Christmas Eve has become a night for lovers to go out and spend a romantic time together at fancy restaurants or hotels. It is almost impossible to reserve a restaurant or hotel at the last minute on this day. Be careful, if you are staying in Japan. There are light displays at Odaiba, Shibuya and the Tokyo Disneyland.

Visit the Japanese capital during Hanukkah with Christmas Carnivals Christmas Events in Tokyo.

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