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Christian Hard Rock

Christian hard rock, with its passion for Christ's love and verve, has aided in taking Christian music to the next level where faith in God is, of course, the crux. It is a typical genus of Christian music which has ensued from the colossal success of the Christian rock and roll compositions with its original roots deeply associated with the church music of 1960s.

Lyrics steeped in religious fervor lace the Christian hard rock which is definitely a classic concept of Christian music where piousness, tradition, Christian credence blends ideally with modish rock and roll style to complement with the chic demand. The very expression 'Christian Hard Rock' is a term coined to illustrate the types like punk, grunge, rock and roll whilst distinguishing them from the conventional pop and rock types.

The development of the Christian hard rock as a traditional way of worshipping and beaming the Christian message of love, purity, innocence and 'faith in Almighty' is witnessed with the emergence of Mind Garage as a popular Christian hard rock band. Presence of the heavy metal, rap teamed with the high usage of the electric guitars, drums and the bass guitars has added an attribute to the Christian hard rock music to game with the urban demand without compromising its religious qualities;.

Christian hard rock is highly influenced by the ''Blues'' music where Pentatonic Scale is used as the archetypal scale for playing. Worshipful lyrics for the greater mission of spreading the message of Christianity make Christian hard rock a well liked music form to reshape the attitude towards life.

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