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Christian Home School

Christian home school which is typically a category of home education system has offered a dimension in the learning process of Christian religion and theology. Christian home school is a break from the conventional schooling system and in the English speaking nations it is regarded as an option for the parents to provide quality education as well as theological knowledge within the homely ambience.

Home learning is the very crux of the Christian home schools where a rare union of homely atmosphere with strict discipline is administered to enhance the quality of life of the students. Religiosity in the true sense of the term finds a profound articulation in the approach, style and educational pattern of the Christian home schools which not only stands out as the educational institution but as the instructor of Christianity and of course as the organized tutor of Christian dogma, ideas and faith.

It is with the very development of the concept of the early childhood education movement that Christian home schools became part of the daily life in order to shape the church life, the prayer life and above all to enhance the quality of life from the very childhood whilst uniting piousness with conventional education.

According to a recent study, in the United States at least 33 percent of the population has cited religion as the primary factor in the home schooling concept and is the reason behind the huge triumph of the Christian home schools in the US. Christian home school, as it has been ideally categorized as the ideal secured place to provide moral and religious instructions, has therefore become an irrefutable part of the modish lifestyle to harmonize religion with science and technology.

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