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Christian Art Work

Art articulates the creative expression of mankind. The potent aestheticism of human heart unlocks itself in the creation of art works. Christian art work is the creative expression of Christianity.

The history of Christian art work is rich and wide-ranging starting from the Roman Empire, with a twist in the Byzantine era dividing
Christian art into two factions, standard Christian imageries of Eastern Orthodoxy and nominal aestheticism in Protestantism.

However, the most popular part of Christian education religion is perhaps its commonly spread stories and testimonies. Most of these deal with healings and deliverance and in majority of the cases, God was there to ensure victory to the sufferers who were until then in deep crisis.

Christian art work revolves round imageries of persons or specific religious events. Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity and events like birth, life, death and resurrection of Christ are the common motifs of Christian art works. There are some particular forms of Christian art work like there is a particular form known as Andachtsbilder which depicts events pertaining to grief and suffering like crucifixion in painting and sculpture in Christianity.

Christianity has also imprinted marks on literature and the huge existing repertoire of Christian literature speaks of it. New Testament is the earliest form of Christian poetry. The Christian hymns, Biblical poems and gospels like Gospel of Luke are examples of Christian poetry.

If you enter the world of Christian architecture you will see that around 1180 to 1275 Gothic style was adopted in church architecture. The high domes of the Gothic church symbolize the aspiration for religious fulfillment. During 16th century the main theme in Christian art work was the celebration of Christian ethos. The churches were decorated with fine gold fittings, stunning stained glass windows and delicate statues made of marble.

This is but only a snapshot of the rich globe of Christian art work.

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