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Christian Gospel Music

Human element gives meaning to the celestial feel of music. Christian gospel music is the song of the people of earth for the omnipotent God. But nevertheless the journey of Christian gospel music is strewn with outstanding human involvement.

Christian gospel music displays a curious blend of ethereal divinity with sociopolitical history of humanity. The birth of Christian gospel music is closely rooted to religious music of the African American churches of the twentieth century. But there were two factions, the black gospel music and the Christian gospel songs composed and sung by the Southern Gospel artists. But the demarcation line between the two streams of gospel music was never very sharp because both were influenced by the Methodist hymns.

Christian gospel genre has several branches and subgenres namely,
  • Christian Country Music: This is a form of Christian gospel music with a country panache
  • Black gospel: originated from the Christian gospel songs of the Southern slaves during 18th and 19th century
  • Southern Gospel: originated from the music composed by the Southern gospel artist
  • Progressive Southern gospel: This music style is derived from the Southern gospel form
Sister Rosetta Tharp was the first Christian gospel music performer who entered the music scenario of the United States in 1938. This talented singer, artist and guitarist remained popular throughout the 1940s and sang in many secular venues too. Though Christian gospel music originated in the United States with time it gained popularity throughout the world.

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