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Christian Art

Art is the creative expression of a human mind. History of human life is engraved in pieces of art. Religion, being an inseparable part of life, also expresses its story of intensification and escalation through different art forms. Likewise, Christian art mirrors the progress of Christianity.

There are many factions of Christianity and Christian art differs according to the diverse rules and guidelines of different segments. But the motif of Jesus Christ and his life time remains the unifying string of different Christian art forms.

Now let's take a short tour through the history of Christian art. After the fall of the Roman Empire the prime art forms that survived in Europe was Christian art form. After the fall, the political Rome collapsed but production of Christian art went on under the patronage of the religious hierarchy, the Roman Catholic Church. In the Eastern Empire of Constantinople, sacred art of Christianity was funded by the Orthodox Church of Constantinople.

Christian art in the Byzantine Empire continued to follow the trend of Hellenistic forms. A storm of controversy was raged over 'Iconoclasm' in religious art leading to use of standard imageries in Eastern Orthodoxy and minimalism in art in Protestantism.

Usually a piece of Christian art depicts a specific personage or a particular religious event. And the symbolisms imbibed in the masterpieces are associated with the particular sects. Though Christian symbols are not homogenous throughout the different sections of the religion, there are some general symbols like the image of Jesus or the Cross representing Jesus' sacrifice for the salvation of men and images of life, death and resurrection of Christ. Some of the popular themes of Christian art are angels, the Magi, Crucifix, Virgin Mary and the Last Supper.

The world of Christian art is richly amazing and varied.

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