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Christian Education Religion

No education on Christian religion can be completed unless one goes through the Bible, the holy book of the entire Christian community. Christian education religion begins with the basics of the holy Bible like the existence of one God, one way to God, one Baptist and one faith. Some of the most popular stories on Christian education religion include the likes of Adam and Eve, story of Moses, Joshua and Caleb and many more.

Christian education religion is sympathetic towards sinners, in the sense that the religion offers a chance for retreat. The Bible in this regard contains Sinners' prayer and Full surrender prayer. Another important aspect of this Christian religion education is to love one's neighbor like a "Good Samaritan".

However, the most popular part of Christian education religion is perhaps its commonly spread stories and testimonies. Most of these deal with healings and deliverance and in majority of the cases, God was there to ensure victory to the sufferers who were until then in deep crisis.

A Christian education religion program can never come to an end without discussing the psychological issues. There is a separate section in the holy Bible allotted for this. Here you will find various such psychological issues, which a Christian has to face inevitably while dealing with the subsequent highs and the lows of his life. It also tells us how to handle the negative feelings which continuously creep inside us, when we are wronged by others.

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