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Christianity, a monotheistic religion based on the wisdom and teachings of Jesus Christ has a large number of followers throughout the world. One of the chief religions to be followed in Europe, Oceania, Southern Africa and the Americas, Christianity had an approximate 2.1 billion believers in the year 2001.

Christianity as a religion can be defined as a spiritual system that is open for all irrespective of age, religion, economic status as well as sex.

Christianity shares its religious origin with Judaism. This similarity can be especially be viewed in the form of Hebrew Bible which is better know as Old Testament to the Christians. Just like Judaism and Islam,

Christianity is also known as the Abrahamic religion according to which Abraham is a major part of history.

The major pillars of Christianity are Christian church, Christian music, Christian art as well as Christian symbols. So come and join Christmas Carnivals and get to know all about Christianity as a religion and its different aspects. Gather all the relevant information on Christian prayers, Christian theology and Christina counseling and get the pleasure of knowing Christianity better as a religion.

Christmas carnivals has also accumulated different threads of information on melodious Christian music, knowledgeable Christian books, Christian marriage and creative Christian art. In addition also convey your religious feelings with the help of Christian prayers, keep yourself updated on Christian teachings with Christian education and add fun to your life with relevant tips on Christian dating.

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