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German Christmas Decorations

Germany is credited for giving birth to the tradition of Christmas tree decoration. Gift giving custom is also believed to have originated from Germany when little items, like dolls nuts, fiddles and drums, work boxes, needle cases, pen wipes, ribbon, lace and paper chains were hung on the tree.Christmas is on the way! So, what are you waiting for? Plan your Christmas celebrations and enjoy one Now days, decorations in Germany is taking up various fresh forms.

The tree is now decorated with stars, floss, glass decors, angels, Santa and the like. Lighting is also an integral part of German Christmas decorations. Christmas lighting for houses and neighborhoods started in Germany in the late 1990s after being inspired by America.

However, German Christmas decorations are rather special. Music boxes and many different types of table accessories, including beautiful hand stitched tablecloths with various motives as well as beautifully carved cribs also form the basis décor. Like Italy, nativity scenes are also very popular elements of German Christmas decorations. The most endearing nativity scenes are those carved out from wood. There are also some made out of plaster of Paris and other material. In German Christmas decorations, these nativity scenes are put up during the period of Advent.

A Christmas window is another form of decoration in Germany. The windows are decorated with stars made out of paper, silver foil, or transparent colored papers. Hand made Christmas crafts also make for the perfect German Christmas decorations.

Germany has also contributed many of the ornaments of Christmas decorations. Shiny Glass balls and tinsels are German inventions and thus, they too form the core of German Christmas decorations.

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