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Italian Christmas Decorations

Different cultures in the world have got different set patterns for Christmas celebration. Be it the gift giving custom or Christmas decorations, every culture in the world has given rise to different customs of Christmas.

Each country celebrates Christmas in different ways and Italy is no exception. The presepe or cribs form the basis of Italian Christmas decorations. It is the core symbol of Christmas in Italy. It consists of the newly born Jesus with Mary and Joseph. The three wise men who traveled far to see Baby Jesus and a shepherd is also present because the legend has it that they were present at the time of birth of Jesus Christ. It is on the basis of these tales that artisans in Italy make various kinds of mangers. There may be grottoes, small trees, lakes, rivers, the lights of "Bethlehem" in the background, angels hung from wires, and the like.

All the churches and almost everybody in Italy try to compete for the most beautiful nativity mangers during Christmas. Naple is the place where most of these mangers are manufactured. In fact, the most beautiful Cribs are set up in churches and people go on thronging every Church in Naple to view and compare the nativity scenes.

The other Italian Christmas decorations include Santa Claus, wooden toys, glass bulbs, stars and the like. Candles are of course lighted all the way throughout for decorations.

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