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Elegant Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorations
What would be Christmas without a touch of elegance! Elegance doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs a touch of classiness. Victorians have it in their blood and many others are aspirants. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Victorian, you can still go for giving an elegant look to your Christmas decorations with these ideas:

  • Use glass ornaments for decoration. Glass is the perfect element for elegance.

  • Tiny white lights on Christmas tree would add to your elegant Christmas decorations.

  • Centerpieces play a vital role in elegant Christmas decorations. You can make your own centerpieces full of elegance.
Here are two easy methods:

  1. Christmas Poinsettia Centerpiece (By Coral Nafie)

    Materials required:
    • Low-growing poinsettias or artificial plants
    • Floral foam or Styrofoam
    • Decorative bowl
    • Cache pot or soup tureen
    • Greenery

    • If you're going to use cut flower stems, place a brick of floral foam or Styrofoam into the container and secure it in place.
    • Place small, low poinsettia plants or artificial stems into your bowl, soup tureen, or cache pot.
    • Make sure that the flowerpots do not show above the top of your decorative container.
    • Add trailing greenery around the base of the plants.
    • Place the container with plants in the center of your table.
    • Place the soup tureen on its serving plate.
    • Add beautiful candles in red, green, white, or gold at the sides of the centerpiece

  2. Christmas Candlestick Centerpiece (By Coral Nafie)

    Materials required:
    • Candle holders
    • Candles in holiday colors
    • Bows to match your decor or table
    • Pine boughs (optional)

    • Polish and clean your best candleholders.
    • Select candles that coordinate with your dishes or holiday decorating theme.
    • Tie or wire beautiful bows to the candlesticks or directly on the candles, taking care to keep the ribbons below the burn area.
    • If you use wired French ribbon, you'll be able to tie the bows neatly and keep them from year to year.
    • To help your candles last longer freeze them before using.
    • Buy drip less candles when you can. They won't drip onto the ribbons and ruin them.
    • Be sure to buy extra candles so that you can replace them after your holiday parties.
    • The candles and candleholders don't need to match. If you use a variety of styles and heights, you'll have added interest in your arrangement.
    • An arrangement using an odd number of candleholders-- 3, 5, or 7 -- will be more interesting than one with an even number.
    • This centerpiece decoration can be placed on a side table, fireplace mantle, or coffee table.
    • For a different look, place the candlesticks on a tray and arrange pine boughs underneath.
    • Sprinkle artificial snow around the base.
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