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Australian Christmas Decorations

Different Christian countries in the world have got different set patterns for Christmas celebration. Be it the gift giving custom or Christmas decorations, every culture in the world has given rise to different customs of Christmas. Each country celebrates Christmas in different ways and Australia being a Christian nation is no exception.

Australia being the land of Kangaroos felicitates Christmas decorations too with figurines of Koala and Kangaroos. A Christmas tree with a hanging wooden Kangaroo can only be considered as Australian Christmas decorations.

Another special feature of Australian Christmas decorations are the flowers. Flowers blossom in Australia at various times throughout the year. Thus, at Christmas many flowers are there to be used for Christmas decorations. Some of the exotic plants of Australia include Christmas Bells with red colored flowers having funnel shaped petals, Illawarra Flame tree, Western Australian Christmas tree with ever blossoming yellow flowers and the like. Christmas bells flower just in time for Christmas in Australia each December and throughout summer, and are used in Australian Christmas decorations.

Australian Christmas decorations also have the traditional décor like the holly, candles, doves and the like. But of course, a kangaroo is tangible under any Christmas tree or near Santa Claus. And it ought to be so. After all Christmas is happening in the land of Kangaroos!

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