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Christmas Activity Games for Kids

Christmas comes just once a year to fore-run tons of holiday mirth and glad tidings. Spoil your kid with all the fun and frolic of a Yuletide game with Christmas Carnivals offering online information on Christmas Activity games for kids.

Have a party and play some festive holiday games. Decorations are easy when you have the children making snowflakes (no two are alike, just as each child is unique and special) and hang them from the ceiling.

In the Candy Cane Pass relay race, there are 4 candy canes per team (ensure there are a few extras due to breakage). The player holds 4 candy canes between fingers and passes them down the line, teammate to teammate, without dropping. Pass the Ornament with a straw for each child. The ornaments (such as tree, bell, star, etc.) are each cut out of tissue paper. These are passed down the line, teammate to teammate, by inhaling and exhaling on the straw to hang onto or release ornament. Make sure nobody uses hands! Fill the Christmas Stocking with spoons, bowls, wrapped candy and a pair of stockings for each team. Divide the teams. Have children line up at one end of the room.

At the other end, hang a Christmas stocking for each team. Place a bowl of candy and a spoon in front of each team. Each child takes a turn taking a candy from the bowl with the spoon. They then carry the candy on the spoon to the stocking and drop the candy in the stocking. Give the next person in line the spoon. The first team to fill the stocking wins! Check out more fun games atChristmas CarnivalsChristmas Activity games for kids.

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