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Christmas Activity Crafts

Get crafting this season with Christmas Carnivals Christmas Activity crafts, for it provides you with the opportunity of exploring the creative persona of yourself.Advent is the angel which brings to us good news and the promise of a peaceful future.

For instance you could even get your kid to practice some of the crafts that'll prove good for the work and projects allotted in school. Turn a paper plate into a beautiful angel a paper plate with a pencil, scissors, tape or stapler, crayons, paint, and/or markers for decoration.

Draw a circular angel pattern on the underside of a paper plate. Cut along the lines, discarding the dark section. Decorate the angel. Overlap the edges of the angel's skirt slightly and tape or staple it into place so that the resultant product is a fan-shaped angel, colored in your favorite shades of crimson and yellow. Make a reindeer puppet using a paper lunch bag, having antlers made from handprints. All you need is paper bags, red (or another color) construction paper, glue, scissors, markers or crayons and optional - goggle eyes. Trace both of your hands to the shape of antlers. Fold the paper to carve the figure of the deer into shape, and you have your reindeer ready!

For making colorful poinsettias from handprint cut-outs and a paper plate, you require a paper plate, red, green and yellow construction paper, glue and scissors. It really helps if you learn the art of origami, the know-how of paper-folding. There is a spectrum of other crafts to create as well - such as Polyhedra ornaments, gingerbread men and women to decorate a room, bulletin board, or Christmas tree etc. For more on Christmas Activity crafts, browse Christmas Carnivals.

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