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Family Christmas Activity

Christmas is the big time to be with your family. Almost every festival brings family members together and Christmas is no exception. This Christmas add more festivity to your togetherness by having some of the most fun filled Family Christmas Activities.

Family Christmas Activities are the best ways to enjoy Christmas in best of its spirits.There are numerous Family Christmas Activities that you can easily follow. Besides having fun, these Family Christmas Activities are also inspiring and enriching for children.

Start hunting for ideas of having Family Christmas Activities as Christmas is round the corner. We provide you with some of these ideas:

  • One most ideal Family Christmas Activity is having a Christmas story session. Read out the fables of Christmas to your children and let them know more about the reasons for this grandeur. After all, your children ought to know that Angels had heralded the birth of Christ; a shining star had led three wise men and some shepherds from far away lands to see the

    newly born Jesus; and that Jesus was born to Mary in a manger.

  • Another great Family Christmas Activity is the setting up of Christmas Tree and its decoration. String the garlands together around your Christmas tree. Christmas tree decoration can be great fun if done together with your family. After all, seeing your family members getting annoyed and making faces while you take so long in springing lights on your Christmas Tree would just add to your sweet memories of Christmas.

  • Make Christmas ornaments on your own. Children would love this, as they would get to learn something new. Here are some easy to make Christmas Ornaments:

    Shooting Star Christmas Tree Ornament

    For the Shooting Star Christmas tree Ornaments you will need:
    • A small piece of thick paper, felt, or other flexible, easy-to-cut material - one or two colors
    • Scissors
    • Pencil
    • Reinforcements (optional)
    • Glitter (optional)
    • Markers (optional)
    • Glue
    • Cut a circle from the paper, belt or other material. A good circle template is a coffee mug.
    • Starting at the edge, cut a spiral going to the center of the circle. Decorate with glitter or markers.
    • Cut a small star, about 1 or 2 inches wide. Make a tiny hole in the star. The ornament will hang from this hole, so you might want to use reinforcements (these are doughnut-shaped pieces of plastic used to reinforce the holes in notebook paper and are available at stationery stores).
    • Decorate the star with glitter or markers.
    • Glue the star to the center of the shooting star.
    Do some charity as a family. This would teach your children the art of giving and inculcate the true spirit of Christmas in them making them good human beings.

    Always go for such family Christmas activities that would involve children's effort because children do not like being left out.

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