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Classroom Christmas Activity

Classroom Christmas Activities refer to those activities that are given to school children as a part of learning lesson. These activities mainly include instruct children on making Christmas crafts. Here are some Classroom Christmas Activities that children would love doing and perhaps every teacher would love to teach:

Light Bulb Christmas Tree Ornaments

By - Jamie Rhodes Materials:

  • Light bulbs-one per student
  • Fabric paint
  • Glitter paint
  • Ribbon


  • Give each child a light bulb.
  • Students are to paint a design on their bulb.
  • Let dry at least overnight.
  • When dry, tie a ribbon in a bow around the metal part of the bulb.
  • Tie another ribbon around the metal part, but this time tie it in a knot leaving a loop to hang on the tree.

    Christmas Pine Cone Tree Ornament

    By - Debbie Haren

    • Pine cones
    • Glue or Glue Gun
    • Sequins
    • String or ribbon
    • Green paint or white paint
    • Small amount of garland any color.
    • Take pine cones and dip them in green or white paint.
    • After it is dry let students put sequins on it to look like ornament on the tree.
    • After they have dried glue on little bits of Garland and tie the string or ribbon to the top of the pine cone.
    • The bottom of the pine cone can be painted brown to look like a bottom of a Christmas tree.
    • Let dry and spray with Hairspray to keep it together and let it dry.
    • Talk to students about what kind of decorations people used to make long ago to put on their Christmas trees.
    • Discuss how ornaments were not bought but made for the tree.
    • Talk about any Christmas rituals that children do at their house with their family.
    Poinsettia Ornament for Christmas tree

    By - Debbie Haren

    • Glue
    • Red construction paper
    • Yellow construction paper
    • Tape
    • Cut strips of construction paper (Red and yellow.)
    • The strips should be about 2 to 3 inches wide.
    • For each poinsettia made you need 1 piece of yellow and about 8 or 9 of the red strips of construction paper.
    • Take the yellow strip of paper and make a circle out of it.
    • Tape or glue the two ends together to keep it in the circle shape.
    • This will be the middle of your poinsettia
    • . Now make tear drop shapes out of the red construction paper.
    • Then tape the ends together just as you did the yellow paper.
    • These are the leaves of the poinsettia.
    • Glue or tape the poinsettia leaves all around the yellow piece of construction paper.
    • The part of the red construction paper strips that was glued or taped should be pointed out away from the center of the plant.
    • The opposite side of the red construction paper that is curved to make the tear shape should then be glued or taped all around the yellow construction paper making the shape of a poinsettia plant.
    • After this is done the students can take another strip of yellow or red construction paper and loop it through one of the red leaves and then tape it and this will be the hanger for the ornament on the Christmas tree.
    • Hang off the tree and display with great pride!!

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