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Christmas Carnivals » Christmas Around The World » Christmas Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago

Christmas Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago

What is the image that you perceive when you think of the Caribbean islands? If it is of a very laid back and relaxed lifestyle, be on guard before you land on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago- the land brimming with enthusiasm and exuberance.

If you have a beach wedding in mind during this Christmas, this it is ought to be. Here is Christmas Carnivals offering you guidelines on Christmas Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad is usually called the "Home of the Carnivals". So you may as well guess that it will be a perfect place for enjoying your wedding where you will also experience Christmas in a new flavor. The birthplace of the calypso, limbo and steel band is all set to usher you in to your new life.

At the confluence of cool North Atlantic currents, the island of Trinidad and Tobago offer you with some of the most idyllic locations for your Christmas Weddings. Both Trinidad and Tobago has some of the most beautiful beaches, which have villas, and hotels each of which offer their wedding packages and have wedding coordinators. In Tobago especially weddings are mostly organized in villas. But these can only accommodate a small crowd. Some of the famous villas in Tobago are:

  • Villas at Stonehaven

  • Plantation Beach Villas

  • Blue Waters

  • Kariwak Village

  • Mirage

  • Mandevilla

  • Ohana

In Trinidad you have the famous Aultman Hall, which hall that has banquet and there are also some of the famous hotels at the foothills of the Port of Spain.

Christmas is a very important time in the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It is also the time when there is the greatest influx of tourists from various countries. So Christmas Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago require organized early bookings in hotels and resorts. Arrange for the Paranderos to sing the traditional Parang song as you take the vows. This may add the true Caribbean essence to the weddings. The fruitcake dipped in Caribbean rum can be the ideal choice for your wedding cake here. A very important fact to note here is that you have to be the residence of the country for three days before the wedding. So make necessary arrangements that you come to the venue at least a weak ahead of the ceremony.

Hope this helps you for planning of Christmas Weddings in Trinidad and Tobago Enjoy the festive season with Christmas Carnivals.

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