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Christmas Weddings in Nigeria

Did you always wish to add that exotic touch to your wedding? From fascinating beaches to the untamed wildlife, Nigeria has it all to lend that unique appeal to your wedding this Christmas. Here are Christmas Carnivals tips on Christmas Weddings in Nigeria.

Lagos, Ibadan, Benin City, Abuja are some of the major cities of Nigeria. Jos, however, is the most sought after tourist destination on account of its pleasant climate and location. The Yankari Game Reserve is another famous holiday resort, which also offers you facilities for accommodation in their small round huts. You may seek permission from the authority for if they can provide you with arrangements for a small wedding in th wilds.

Although there are some beautiful beaches in Nigeria, yet there are not enough hotels and resorts there. Owing to this lack in the infrastructural development, planning a wedding on the beaches may not be a wise decision. The Idanre Hills located in the town of Idanre, can provide you with the beautiful scenic backdrop for your marriage. Did you ever think of a ranch wedding? If not, give it a thought as you plan for Christmas weddings in Nigeria. The Obudu Cattle Ranch in the Cross River State can provide you with the scenic beauty as well as other facilities for the arrangements.

Hope this helps you for planning of Christmas Weddings in Brazil. Enjoy the festive season with Christmas Carnivals.

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