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Christmas Gag Gifts

With the coming of Cute caricatures of well-known Christmas symbols, comic shapes made up of lovely Christmas food, silly Christmas games prodding everyone to get into the mood of laughter, funny greeting cards that show a totally new aspect of humor are all that fill the list of Christmas gag gifts. Such gifts stand apart from other Christmas gifts in the way that they bring oodles of laughter to all those who get overly excited to open them up.

Christmas Gag gifts are wonderful mood changers as they instantly brighten up the mood in the way they produce such a great humorous effect. So get into the groove of gag spirit of Christmas to make it a truly fun-loving affair. Following are some of the Christmas Gag gifts, with which you can play pranks with every next friend of yours:

  • Buy a toy Santa that keeps on laughing all the time. Gifting such a laughing stock is sure to make the receiver laugh and laugh without any stop.
  • Make funny cardboard pop ups consisting of faces of weird animals. Make a big blurb close to the comic pictures and write a funny message inside that blurb that will be more than enough to send the receiver into gales of laughter.
  • Gift a nice bundle of blank CD's by naming them as a collection of hip Christmas music tracks. Make sure that the receivers are fond of rocking music. The final result of such a gift will be absolutely comic.
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