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Homemade Christmas Gifts

Make this Christmas a little special for your loved ones by giving them homemade Christmas Gifts with a lot of love. Homemade Christmas Gifts are the perfect way to touch one's heart and show your emotions and feelings for them.

Given below are a few easy and significant tips for creating Christmas Gifts.

Candy Floss

You will require 3 inch of clay pot, one green floral foam, paint, candy (wrapped), Popsicle-type sticks and glue.

Method of Preparation:
Firstly, get one small clay pot and paint it. Using paintbrush tip, put dots on the clay pot. Now, put one piece of green floral foam in clay pot. Wrap candies all over the stick and place stick in oasis. Now, fill the bottom with Easter grass or tissue.

Tool Box

You will require coffee can, paper and tape or glue.

Method of Preparation;
Start the decoration of paper with appropriate equipments. You may opt for sponge paint or a cut out from magazine. Now, cover the can of coffee with the decorated paper. This caddy will be helpful in carrying tools, such as screws and nails. It would be an ideal gift for your father or brother.

Handmade Coaster

You will require a couple of CDs, cotton lace of white color and glue.

Method of Preparation
Get some old CDs that are either plain gold or silver. It would be advisable not to cut the cotton lace in the beginning. Spread glue on the edge of CD. Now, start sticking the cotton lace on the edge of CD. Create small pleats all over the CD. When the lace is glued over the CD, your tablemat is ready.
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Last Updated :- 12 December, 2011
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