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Christmas in the City Village

Spare a thought for the underprivileged during the season of good cheer and mirth to bring home the essence of Advent and the end that all festivals seek to achieve with Christmas Carnivals Christmas in the City Village.

The collection in the Christmas in the City series evokes the reminiscences of bustling sidewalks, street-corner Santas, friendly traffic cops and hordes of shoppers jostling for space in shops and departmental stores during Christmas.

The Dickens Village Collection of the Christmas in the City series includes the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, a Christmas ornament in pearl. It shows a brick castle carved according to the norms of Medieval Gothic architecture with the quintessentially-erected spires. The rooms of the structure are candle-lit, thereby evoking the warmth of the festive season. There are wreaths of holly and mistletoe hanging from the door, and, except for the realism of the construction, the structure could have passed off for a sheer chocolate fantasy! The sloping roofs and the high windows and attics make you feel like a viewer from the Dark Ages. Woolworth’s interior scene depicts a 3 storied white house made of brick with a baker busy in the kitchen, presumably baking the Christmas delight – the cake. The house is all dressed up for the festival of the year, with floral wreaths and decorations adorning the pristine white exterior. A Christmas party is going on in the first floor, while the 2nd storey is equally calm, though lighted. Check out some of the other products in the series including the Café Tazio, East Harbor Ferry Terminal and the like at Christmas Carnivals Christmas in the City Village.

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