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Children's Christmas Adventure

CGet your kiddo some good book to read for Christmas with Christmas Carnivals Children's Christmas Adventure. See for yourself the wonders it can work towards enhancing the academic as well as general skills of your child.

A Christmas Adventure is a book authored by Phyllis La Farge. With all the hustle and bustle of New York City at Christmastime, the story focuses on Bart, a city dog lives in an apartment in Greenwich Village with his owner Max.

He feels he isn't taking full advantage of his city because his owner, Max, keeps him on a leash. Bart longs to see the sights of the city on his own, especially around Christmastime. On the day Max brings home the Christmas tree, Bart breaks free, and it's like the musical On the Town, in which three sailors have sailed ashore to take in all of New York City. Bart dances with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, skates in Rockefeller Center, he rides on the Staten Island Ferry, enjoys the view from the Empire State Building, and sees the Christmas tree. Then, tired and cold, he heads home to a worried, welcoming

Max in Greenwich Village, and snuggles with his owner, awaiting Santa's arrival. The tale is more of a picaresque narrative than a real story. The primary attraction is Garland's Photoshop artwork, which integrates New York landmarks into the glossy, lively pictures. The imagery conveys a sense of motion that is delightful and creative. Kids who have experienced New York will have fun. The descriptions of New York City around the holidays, and Bart's visit to each one of them, are wonderful, and 3D-like illustrations bring the story to life, and keep young readers occupied for hours, visiting and re-visiting the city and Bart. This is a wonderful new holiday book for anyone who loves Christmas stories, New York City, or dogs. A must have this holiday season! Log on to Christmas CarnivalsChildren's Christmas Adventure for all the information.

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